Possible Krider's Hawk

Connor Cochrane

Hi All,
Sorry for the extremely late report. I'm from up in the North Bay, and was just let into the group. I saw the bird in question last Sunday, so there is definitely the possibility that it has departed. We were driving to go fishing at Bethel Island when at these coordinates: (37.9909244, -121.6491531). It was the palest Red-tail I have ever seen. I had a good ten second look at it, both perched on a telephone pole, and in flight. When it was perched I noted the extremely light appearance, especially in the face. The only noticeable dark coloration on the face was a faint mask around the eyes, which made it look similar to an osprey. I've looked through photos and found some similar birds. When it flew away, it had a red tail, but extremely light. The base of the feathers were close to white, and near the end of the feathers there was a light red wash. I hope someone is able to find the bird and get photos so we can find out what this bird is.

Happy Birding,
Connor Cochrane