Five-Sparrow Day in Heather Farm Park


It happened a few weeks ago, too, but with a different set of birds.  Today I had plenty of White- and Golden-crowned Sparrows, Song Sparrows, a continuing Lincoln's Sparrow and finally a Fox Sparrow.  The latter two were between the wooden bridge over the small Ygnacio Canal and the bottom of the big hill.  To be sure, I don't really know if it is always the same Lincoln's Sparrow, as I have seen one in three or four places at different times.  A Hermit Thrush joined the sparrows at the northwest corner of the big pond.

I counted at least 54 Ring-necked Ducks, but did not try to count the Coots and Buffleheads.  Two Common Gallinules continue out on the open water.  At least six DC Cormorants were on the pond, and the Kingfisher was making noise as it flew around.

A Red-breasted Sapsucker was about half-way up one of the eucalyptus trees at the south end of the big pond.

Canada Geese were all over the north ball field, joined by six Cackling Geese.  The Killdeer were heard as they apparently flew away.More Canada Geese and Rock Pigeons were on the south ball field closer to Ygnacio Valley Road.