Heather Farm on Friday August 28


Before Ted Robertson found me, I had a couple of really nice fall migrants.  In the trees over the small Ygnacio Canal and just toward the big hill from the small footbridge, I had my first migrant Western Tanager.  This made me feel good as the only birds I had seen along the canal this morning were one Titmouse after another.  The Tanager flew to the pond side of the trail and just past the little bridge.  At this point, I realized it was actually two of them, one much duller than the other, but both with easily seen wing bars.

While I was looking at these two I also found another yellow bird, which was a Yellow Warbler.

Ted and I rode around on our bikes looking at the pond near the private Seven Hills School before finally coming back to the wooden railing near the parking lot.  Across the way in front of the island was the Wood Duck, sitting on top of a small rock in the water.  To me it looks like a non-breeding male with a white throat and pink bill.  It has some other marks around the face, too.

That was the best of today, except for maybe the lone Barn Swallow flying over the ball fields.  One Western Bluebird was near the school gate.  The Red-shouldered Hawk was in its favorite tree on the slope of the big hill.

Heather Farm Park is in the Ygnacio Valley of Walnut Creek.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek