Late Pine Siskins Pleasant Hill

Alan Bade

Hi everyone- we just had two Pine Siskins at our feeder this evening. This seems kind of late, is anyone else seeing them recently? We don't usually see them past March.

And welcome to Alia S. who posted about the Cal Thrasher earlier! Come see us at our Audubon chapter meetings, either Mt Diablo Audubon or Golden Gate! The birding apps are great for learning bird song (I'm no expert, so I use them all the time). I like the Audubon app and Merlin. (There are ethical guidelines for using the apps in the field to consider however.) I'm going to try out Alvaro's app suggestion (bird genie), and I'm learning to use Bird Net (

The Cornell lab of ornithology also has good courses at The Bird Academy and some are free. . (You can find one tailored to western birds.)
Have fun, and hope to see you out there!

Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill