Birds in Walnut Creek


After the overnight thunder and rain, I checked Heather Farm this morning. The two Killdeer kids are still with their parents.

A male Nuttall's Woodpecker stuck his head into the nest hole the family left 2-1/2 weeks or so back. He even tapped on the side of the limb, as though to communicate. I am not sure if a female is re-using the nest for a second family or not. It has not been my personal experience that they use the same hole twice, but I am no expert.

Lots of Bushtits were at the south end of the large, mostly natural pond.

Two Red-tailed Hawks were near the private Seven Hills School; one on one pole, the other on another pole. A Scrub-Jay and then a Mockingbird let one of the hawks know they were not welcome there. The hawk did not budge.

A young Western Bluebird was along a fence at the north ball fields.

Yesterday I watched an Anna's Hummingbird hawking tiny insects near the gnarly oak on the west side of the big pond. The cloud of insects was not visible except with my binoculars, but maybe if they were closer to the ground I could have seen them.

In our home patio, we have a California Towhee right now, I can here it outside. It came earlier this morning, too. We also have had the Juncos continue to come for seeds. I thought that by now they might be bringing the kids, but that has not happened.

No signs of what the Green Heron or the Common Gallinule might be doing in terms of nesting. I have not seen either for a couple of days. Nor have I seen the Caspian Tern, no matter how early and long I stay.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek