Merlin near Jewel Lake, Tilden Nature Area May 27

Pam Young

MERLIN near Jewel Lake at 6:45AM, Wednesday May 27
On Wednesday, May 27, near Jewel Lake, Tilden Nature Area, drifting semiplumes caught my gaze - Junco-sized, one, then two, then many. I looked up. About twenty feet above me, a MERLIN was footing and tearing at its prey! A Steller's jay flew near, swooped and scolded. The Merlin mantled, then reared sharply, raised its wings, and the jay retreated. The Merlin continued feeding, its crop expanded. Two Steller's jays arrived, swooped and scolded the feeding Merlin. The Merlin disappeared with its prey into the dense Bay laurels.

Good birding,

Pam Young