Injured Common Loon in Richmond Marina

Cathy Bleier

An hour or 2 ago on a bike ride I found a Common Loon in full breeding plumage, floating along the south side of Richmond Marina by Barbara and Jay Vincent Park. It was clearly unbalanced in the water and I could only see one leg as it SLOWLY paddled. It was staying very close to the rocky shores even though people, bikes and dogs were passing. When it finally turned around, it appeared to be missing feathers (and possibly some flesh and possibly the leg). I assume it’s not long for 5us world, but i also don't think it’s going anywhere, so I tried IBR and Lindsay and another number or 2 suggested through a friend who does hawk rescue. If anyone has any ideas about entities interested in rescue, let me kniw (or let them know). Sad; such a beauty.

Doug Elinson

I used to volunteer at IBR.  They would take it.  Someone would have to bring it to them.. What did IBR and Lindsay tell you?

Cathy Bleier

Since several people responded, I’ll now respond to whole group. Wendy Beers and I checked it out yesterday, prepared for potential rescue. The problem appears to be 3 patches of tar on its side/belly that it was spending all its time trying to remove, rolling over repeatedly to pick at it. I think the leg is fine (which I couldnt see the day before), and the bird is still very able to dive and quickly swim a couple hundred feet underwater. Thus, rescue would be mostly impossible. That said, it should be able to eat at the moment and is also pretty protected within the harbor (right next to Yacht Club yesterday). Animal Control did not return calls.