Lark Sparrows Seaview Trail Tilden and other patch birding.

Jim Chiropolos

Today I walked my local patches in a loop - house- El Toyonol- Inspiration Point - Seaview trail - Vollmer peak -house. The Highlight was 3 lark sparrows seen off Seaview trail. The habitat was dense bush with patches of Monterey pine forest. All three were on pine snags and none were singing. I thought it was unusual habitat as there was no grassland for 100 yards or more and all previous sightings I have had of lark sparrows have been in grassland/savanna bordered by shrubs and trees. Are these Seaview lark sparrows breeding or migrating? (I did see a pair on grassland off Wildcat road on the walk up to Inspiration Point on more conventional lark sparrow habitat).

Other highlights were a MacGillivreys warbler on Seaview. In terms of migrants, only two cassins vireos were found off el Toyonol singing. The only migrant flock of the day was at the house when I left at 9 am after the rain with Cassins and Warbling vireos with Townsends warblers and both vireos were also seen at the house when I got back at 1 pm!

60 species seen during the loop.

Good Birding!
Jim Chiropolos