Wildcat Canyon Saturday Morning

Alan Krakauer

I got out for a long walk in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park this morning for some birding and photography.  I'd heard about San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory's Big Photo Day and figured that was a good excuse to get back in the park. My goal was 50 species detected and 25 photographed. I ended up surpassing those totals, with 55 species seen or heard and 35? with photos of varying quality.

Full list:

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, intersection of Belgum and Wildcat Creek Trail
Lark and Grasshopper Sparrows, between Belgum site and Ridge Trail
Hermit Warblers, North edge of the grove of trees along the ridge above Belgum
Cal Thrasher and Western Tanager, between the low gate on the Bonita Trail and Wildcat Creek Trail

Biggest misses for the list were Brown Creeper, Hairy Woodpecker, Cowbird, Siskin (not sure they're still around), Crow, Black Phoebe, Rufous-crowned Sparrow and kite/kestral/accipiters.

Thanks to Sam Z who joined me for much of the hike.

Good Birding, 
Alan Krakauer
Richmond California