Friday morning in Heather Farm


A lot of the same birds continued today, which have been seen for the last week or so. I had Yellow Warbler and Western Tanager sightings, The White-breasted Nuthatch family appeared near the entrance to the private Seven Hills School, Cedar Waxwings were nearby in the corner eucalyptus there, and a couple of Western bluebirds were also around. A Red-tailed Hawk sat for a while on the power poles up the slope from the school entry.

Wild Turkey poults were south of the equestrian rings in a small riparian area, I saw three in the grass, but more could have been present.

A Nuttall's Woodpecker baby stuck its head out the hole on the side of an oak west of the large pond. South of the concrete pond were two new Canada Goose families. One Mallard mother has kept her 4 ducklings safe in a corner of that pond. Two other families continue on the big pond.

I have not seen the Green Herons for a while, though they are around, I'm certain. They have nested somewhere around the big pond pretty much annually. It sometimes takes a while to learn where is the nest. No Caspian Tern for me today, but I could easily have missed it being in another part of the park.

The Killdeer family continues on the outfield grass across from the parking lot near the wooden railing.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek