Heather Farm Park May 14


It is a little cooler than I really like, I started wearing my gloves when I first left the house.

The Nuttall's Woodpecker babies are loud enough I could hear them when an adult came near the nest. Cedar Waxwings were still all over the mulberry tree at the north end of the equestrian area. Several Canada Goose families have young which are close to being teenagers, now. Some of the Mallard ducklings are also growing; most of them do not make it very far in life here.

Yellow Warblers were in the trees near the chin-up bars between the two ponds. David Kent found us a female Western Tanager in a eucalyptus there, I had a couple in the eucalyptus at the equestrian parking lot.

A Caspian Tern showed right after I had scanned the length of the pond. It cruises the length multiple times, sometimes diving to catch a fish, often missing.

Yesterday, Tracy Farrington and I watched a confrontation between some Crows and a young Cooper's Hawk. It mostly ended in a stand-off, though at one point we thought one Crow was sure to be toast. Maybe they are just a little bigger than a Cooper's Hawk would prefer to tackle.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek