Some Walnut Creek birds May 12


Just after 7 AM, I saw an email from Fred Safier that he had an Olive-sided Flycatcher. It was at the Seven Hills Ranch Road area near Walnut Blvd, Cherry Lane and the concrete creek channel. It took me a while to finish dressing and ride my bike there, so the bird was long gone by 7:30 or after. I rode around listening, and finally found Fred returning from Westcliffe Lane near the Iron Horse Trail.

Fred showed me the tree where the Flycatcher had been, and I told him the bird I saw there was a California Towhee. It was a case of "same tree--two different birds."

I was able to show him the pair of Common Mergansers south of the bridge over the creek. Fred first saw them a couple of days back. It seems an odd place to see them this time of year, relatively shallow water and a concrete channel. The male Belted Kingfisher was flying up and down the channel making all kinds of noise, too.

I rode back toward Heather Farm, almost gave up due to the light rain, but hid under trees and behind a storage container for a bit. Glad I did, because I found continuing Western Tanagers in the eucalyptus trees between the gravel boat ramp and the chin-up bars. I also had Yellow Warblers here.

Though the White-breasted Nuthatches seem to have fledged their family, nearby are the Nuttall's Woodpeckers who are feeding their kids.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek