Red Crossbills! Vollmer Peak

Jim Chiropolos

I walked to the top of Vollmer peal this evening from the house. Just below the summit, a group of 8 birds flew over - calling jip! jip!....My reaction - Huh, no way, is it?...Yes!!! - Red Crossbills!! I also saw them land in Monterey Pines and heard the group calling away "jip-jip-jip!" on the way down but I think they then flew north. If you are hiking in Monterey Pines be alert as two were also seen today by others at San Pablo Reservoir in Monterey Pines. It seems to be an odd time to see them but I think they tend to be nomadic at all times of the year!.

Migration has slowed to a slow trickle at the house with mostly low numbers of warbling vireos and western tanagers moving through the last several days with an occasional peewee.

Good Birding
Jim Chiropolos, Orinda below Vollmer