some birds on Friday


Heather Farm Park apparently has some young Killdeer, which came from a nest on the infield across the street from the wooden railing parking lot. hat is an area I usually do not check, so I missed it. Other birders have told me about them

The White-breasted Nuthatches were still feeding at their nest.

Starting about 9:30, I went on a bike ride for exercise. I heard quite a few birds on my way to Martinez, then more along Franklin Canyon Road, McEwen Road and the Carquinez Scenic Road back to Martinez. Spotted and California Towhees sang in multiple places, along with Black-headed Grosbeaks. I may have heard a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on the Contra Costa Canal trail just south of Gregory Lane, but am not certain.

Above the former Port Costa Brick Works, I helped a 2-foot King snake across the road, prodding it wit a stick. Better to help it across than take a chance on being road kill.

While I had a cold drink on the Amtrak station platform in Martinez, a Red-tailed Hawk called. Looking up I saw three of them, one noticeably bigger than the other two.

Thought I might have had a Western Kingbird on an electric wire along McEwen Road, but it ws too small and was actually a swallow. Darn, it sat just like a Kingbird, too. I realized after a moment the tail was way too short and the front was not really yellow, either.