Scaly-breasted Munias and migrants passing through in Concord #SIPBIP


We've enjoyed so many of the migrants going through this year. As the world quiets down the birds are on the move it seems. We are not new to staying home, we work out of the house, but I swear there are more birds than usual this year.
Yesterday we had the first Western Tanager. Two days ago, and a first for us ever we had Scaly-breasted Munias at our feeder, at least 5 of them. Wilson's Warblers, Yellow Warblers, King Bird and of special note, Calliope Hummers, several of them over the last week. So many Rufus and Allens this season too, we can barely keep up with the 4 feeders. We have more Hooded and Bullock's Orioles than before as well as Brown-headed Cowbirds. Hundreds of Cedar Waxwings on the move too. Black-throated Gray Warblers earlier this year.
This morning the Bushtits came out of the nest, there must be at least 10 of them. The baby Western Bluebirds are almost ready to leave the nest box, looks like maybe 4 of them.
Today we saw a White-throated Sparrow, very rare around here for some reason. The CA Quail ar not nesting in our yard this year, not sure why they always do.
Enjoy the rest of migration, we are still waiting for some Vireos and flycatchers.
Stay safe!
Ed and Marilyn Wojcik