Unexpected Spring Migrants

Elizabeth Leite <leitebird@...>

Today was a specialty day at our house.  Around 8:30 this morning I was filling feeders when I heard the unmistakable song of a Wilson’s Warbler.  A new yard bird for us, I located it with my naked eye in one of our Valley Oaks where it was feeding.   It spent quite some time in the oak and in an Incense Cedar before moving on.  In the afternoon I was doing some pruning in the backyard when I heard (but didn’t see) a House Wren singing.  I have never heard one in our neighborhood before. Maybe the song was more obvious because of the absence of vehicular traffic. And towards evening,  Dal spotted our personal FOS Black-headed Grosbeak in a Chinese Pistache near one of the feeding stations. Happily, we both got clear, long views. This was a real treat!  I first  heard one singing  close by about two days ago and we used to have them regularly visit, but not last year.

Happy Birding and stay safe.

Elizabeth Leite
SW Walnut Creek/Lafayette border