Hooded Orioles nesting in Hercules

Susana dT

Boy! It was busy today, my third post. Too bad they don't show up all at the same time.
We had the first male Oriole sighting on March 20th although I heard him a couple of days before then with no visual.
At the first sight of the female (April 7) I hanged a little mesh bag with my cat's hair just like I did last season.
Today she stopped by for nectar/jelly and picked up nesting material. She tried to grab the hairs with her feet but took off leaving the fluff behind. I am sure she will be back.
Video here:

If you are interested in plants, I first noticed the Orioles in our backyard when going after a plant called Melianthus Mayor, common name Honneybush (the flowers sweat a sticky nectar) or Peanut Butter Plant because of the scent of the leaves when rubbed. Endemic to South Africa, this plant is super drought tolerant but I just found out all parts of the plants are poisonous. It looks like a dinosaur plant, does great in Hercules, may freeze in inland areas.