Heather Farm Park Wednesday April 1 Walnut Creek


Though I did not see it, I was assured by another park regular that the Tropical Kingbird continued this morning near the rose garden.  I stopped twice to look for it near the not so flowering crab apple trees behind the deer fence.  The one certainty about this bird as that one never knows when or where it will be seen.

The Ring-necked Ducks have dwindled in numbers again, today it was only 8.  The female Common Goldeneye was again in the concrete pond.

Fewer Yellow-rumped Warblers than on Monday, I only had one in front of the maintenance yard by the dog park.  For me it was not so many swallows, either, Rough-winged and a single Tree/Violet-green Swallow.  The latter did not give me good enough looks and then disappeared.

We still have plenty of White- and Golden-crowned Sparrows and also Song Sparrows.  I did not see the Lincoln's Sparrow today.

An adult Black-crowned Night-Heron was on the lawn in front of the wooden railing.

In our patio, a Jay grabbed most of the mealworms, but a White-crowned Sparrow had some of them.  The other day the Bewick's Wren was out there good and early for breakfast.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek