Allen's Hummingbirds

Mike Shannon

I have two pair of Allen's Hummers at my feeder.  I am in Palomares Hills, east of Castro Valley.

Mike Shannon

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Subject: [EBB-Sightings] local interest--Oakland Rose Garden and Piedmont Park

Hello EBBers,
I enjoyed a nice birdy walk around my neighborhood yesterday, starting at Morcom Rose Garden. Highlight there was my first of season (FOS) BULLOCK'S ORIOLE, a bright male chattering and foraging at the top of a live oak with a flock of crowned sparrows. The tree was along the perimeter path just below Vernon St. I also enjoyed watching a pair of Black Phoebes courting each other on the eave of an adjacent apartment building. The birds perched next to each other within about 3 feet and both birds repeatedly pumped their tails and fluttered their wings. One bird (the male?) repeatedly fluttered up and over the other bird, to land about 3 feet away on the opposite side.

My travels took me through Piedmont Park, where I ended up in front of Wildwood Elementary School. This spot is consistently birdy and yesterday I was treated to a singing CASSIN'S VIREO. I first heard it singing in the conifers behind 306 Wildwood. It then flew across the street to some conifers between the school  and the park entrance, and then back across the street. I got a glimpse of the bird showing its spectacles and 2 wingbars. Also on my walk through the park, I heard my FOS Pacific-sloped Flycatcher.

In general, migration activity seems to be picking up and hormones are definitely flowing. Local residents are in full song. Over the course of my morning walk, I counted 10 Townsend's Warblers, all singing. Still good numbers of Yellow-rumped Warblers around, Hermit Thrush and crowned sparrows still hanging around.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets are singing and they appear to be staging for a push north. I counted 4 kinglets in one tree at the Wildwood entrance to Piedmont Park.

I encountered multiple flocks of Cedar Waxwings along my walk, the biggest numbering a couple dozen. Also Pine Siskin flocks along Oakland Ave about HIghland Ave and on Wildwood Ave. The siskins and waxwings are going for the buds or seeds from the sycamore and liquidambar street trees.

Bird on,

Bruce Mast