Update on parks restricted access due to overcrowding

Susana dT

Susana dT

Info for your weekend planning:
"As of 8am this morning, Mount Diablo State Park is temporarily closed to vehicles on all roads indefinitely. In addition, the parking lots at Mitchell Canyon and Macedo Ranch are closed. Hikers, runners, equestrians and bicyclists are still permitted to access the Park. Please note that further restrictions are possible. The full press release on this closure is below."

If you are thinking of going out of our area the same is going on in other counties. I suggest going on-line to check out closures before going out.

"To reduce the potential public spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Solano County Parks and the Solano Land Trust have decided to close the following publicly accessible areas, including:
Belden's Landing Water Access Facility
Sandy Beach County Park
Lake Solano County Park
Rush Ranch Open Space
Lynch Canyon Open Space Park
Jepson Prairie Open Space

Looks like car birding will be the option for the weekend.
Safe birding