redwood regional pileated + crossbills

Philip Georgakakos

Hi all, 

I had a great morning at Redwood Regional Park. I got there at 7, gates were open @ meadows staging area, but large lot closed. Walked around stream trail, up Orchard trail and down West ridge trail. 

Heard a Pileated Woodpecker calling up upslope from around the last parking area from Stream Trail. Called 3 short series. I walked up Orchard Trail to try and see it, but no luck. While up on the ridge I heard Red Crossbill calls and saw 3 individuals fly across Redwood Road toward Anthony Cabot regional park, they landed in some distant redwoods and did no emerge. There were also a bunch of migrants around redwood creek. I counted 21 Wilson’s Warblers, a couple of Pac-slopes, and 2 Warbling Vireos. Park was starting to fill up around 10 when I left, worth getting there early.

full checklist here: