Leona Canyon and Redwood Park


This morning I made a second birding stop at Leona Canyon Regional Park in Oakland, a location I hadn’t birded since last May and was reminded what a lovely park this is.  The park was alive with singing Orange-crowned Warblers, Wilson’s Warblers and Bewick’s Wrens.   I think somehow though the birds been following the news as they were doing the birding equivalent of social distancing and were out of view with the exception of a few Bewick’s.  In addition, there was a pair of California Thrashers straddling the path this morning, singing back and forth across the canyon non-stop towards the top of the path.  This park hosts a nice variety of breeders, is a location away from road noise, and I believe is a fairly safe place to park your car.  I started on the south end, hiking gradually uphill about a mile or so where the trail ends at the Merritt College parking lot and then strolled back down to an already quieter canyon.


My first stop was at Redwood Park at the main gate entry off Redwood Road, starting a little after 6am. I happened to get there about one minute before Mark Rauzon and his wife drove up for a quick listen before they headed off the Pinehurst Road. The only owl species I had was Great Horned Owl (8 in total), but the forest was alive with singing Pacific Wrens for practically the entire time I hiked in for a little over a mile shortly past where the paved path ends.  Another location with a nice variety of species, especially when it has a little more time to get some sunlight. 


Derek Heins