Heather Farm after the big wind


Since most of our street did not have electricity for almost 24 hours, I had breakfast at the Black Bear Diner today.  After I came home, I rode my bike past the leaning power pole south of us and headed to the park.  PG&E had a boom truck propped against the pole overnight so it would not fall across the street.
The birds were pretty good in the park today, including a Cackling Goose on the north ball fields, and the continuing Tropical Kingbird in a tree between the concrete and mostly natural ponds.  It was actually at the intersection of the walkways between the ponds.  One walkway, from that intersection to the bottom of the big hill is being replaced by the city, so we had to walk partway up the hill and come down through the fenced Gardens area.  
When Fred Safier arrived by car today, three Black-crowned Night-Herons were on the lawn near the wooden railing.  He showed me a photo.  We had a Lincoln's Sparrow on the west side with many Crowned and Song Sparrows.  The ball fields also had both Mew and Ring-billed Gulls, along with plenty of Crows.
Cedar Waxwings and Robins have been at the north entrance to the park, near the bridge over the Contra Costa Canal.  There are plenty of berries along the canal trail, and there is bathing at the corner of the dog park for the birds.  By 9 or 9:30, they are pretty much gone.
Two River Otters were in the pond making the Ring-necked Ducks and Buffleheads nervous.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek