Misc sightings 1/24 western Alameda and Contra Costa

Logan Kahle

Hi All,

Yesterday I birded around a few spots in the east bay for part of the day with Matt Evans. Only highlights are recorded below.

We found a good number of RED CROSSBILLS at the Skyline Gate Region in Contra Costa county (along the Eastern Ridge Trail). While we never managed to see any of them I estimated at least 8, possibly many more (two different flocks flew over, plus a singleton). Despite a bit of effort, we could not find the PIleated today.

At Lake Merritt we found a relatively bright YELLOW WARBLER in the island just off rotary nature center. The bird was very vocal.

At Arrowhead Marsh for high tide, while we weren't able to find any rare sparrows there was a single northbound Barn Swallow (as in line with recent reports elsewhere in the Bay Area lately) and an /Aechmophorus/ Grebe that appeared to be a Western x Clark's Grebe hybrid.

At Hayward Regional Shoreline the two PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVERS continued at Frank's Dump.

Good birding,

Logan Kahle

San Francisco, CA