Heather Farm Friday morning Jan. 24 and more


Not a whole lot of changes in the park, the city has not yet started a sidewalk reconstruction which will be between the bottom of the big hill and the chin-up bars.  I counted over 30 Ring-necked Ducks today, and the single Lesser Scaup female was still with them.  I also had 9 or 10 Buffleheads.  We had a Goldeneye for a couple of days, but it was not seen today.
While talking with a walking friend, we watched the Tropical Kingbird for 10 minutes on and off.  It was in the trees to the left of the gravel boat ramp.  I had a Lincoln's Sparrow in here, too, as well as at the northwest corner of the large, mostly natural pond.
Plenty of gulls on the north ball fields.  A pale Red-tailed Hawk was perched in a tree toward the houses overlooking the park.

A River Otter was in the concrete pond on the floating island closest to the chin-up bars.  It was munching on a large fish.
As I left for home, Derek Heins and Teale Fristoe arrived by bike.  They came from seeing the Chipping Sparrow along Grayson Creek, just north of Oak Park Boulevard.  Derek later emailed saying they had Pine Siskins near the boat ramp, but no T Kingbird.
I might check that out since I want to go to Walgreen's, anyway.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek