Hayward Japanese Gardens/Senior Ctr/Morrison Theater area

Debbi Brusco

I've only had time to go over there (at Crescent and Third) three times since the first on 11/23, partially to scout the area for the Hayward-Fremont CBC on 12/15, Sunday.

At the bridge over Castro Valley Creek next to the Senior Center, I heard a Wilson's Warbler call from the north side of the bridge. I was in that area from 11:15 to about 3:45. I think it was around 2:30 or so that I heard it call, once or twice. I don't often enter observations to eBird and haven't been doing that much birding, so it wasn't until I did that I realized it was a rare occurrence.

I tried again on 11/29 in the afternoon and didn't hear it, but I did hear Red-breasted Nuthatch at the intersection, and Acorn Woodpecker calling from behind and north of the theater.

Yesterday 12/10 I went over and started at that bridge. I waited about 10-5 minutes, and since there were a few people playing around below the bridge, decided to leave the bridge so I turned around and after 7-or so steps from the middle of the bridge, of course the bird decided to call. I went back to where I was and waited 30-40 minutes, even trying a few short recordings at the end, but I didn't hear it again.

If you have time and patience, check it out. It would be nice if someone else were to detect it. I couldn't see anything moving around since the trees are tall and there's a city center apartment building on the other side of the bridge, so it's relatively dark there, at least in the afternoon.

There are also around 26 turkeys that hang around in the area and near the end of the day, are visible near/behind the chain link fence on Crescent just before the intersection of Third.

Debbi Brusco