Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek


Pleasant, somewhat misty, and delightfully crisp winter morning at Heather Farm Park.Yellow-rumped Warblers were scattered throughout many of the trees surrounding the natural pond. Three Black-crowned Night Herons snoozed in willows on the island. A couple of Northern Flickers arrived. The crown sparrows were fairly abundant. On the west side of the pond, in a relatively confined area near the old olive tree, four Ruby-crownedKinglets were actively buzzing and foraging. Among the ~35 Ring-necked Ducks there wasa single female HOODED MERGANSER. Buffleheads have been trickling in--I counted eight. Numerous Double-crested Cormorants have been around for a few days--I countedtwelve, this morning. On the east side of the pond, near the parking lot, there were two Western Bluebirds. And right around 8:45, while chatting with Fred Safier, Hugh Harveyand Walt Duncan, the TROPICAL KINGBIRD made an appearance.
The Mount Diablo Audubon Young Birders Club will be covering the park this Saturday,December 14, for the CBC. I would like to invite anyone interested to join us for thisannual event. We'll meet at 7:45am in the parking lot on the east side of the natural pond. For any additional information, please send me a personal note.
Good birding,Tracy FarringtonWalnut Creek