Saturday Dec. 7 in Heather Farm Walnut Creek


Though I was late this morning, not leaving the house until 9 AM, I found Tracy Farrington and later met a birding group from the Walnut Creek store, East Bay Nature.  Tracy told me about seeing the Tropical Kingbird, and together we watched the Cackling Goose on the north ball fields.  After starting around the large, mostly natural pond in a counter-clockwise direction, I met the birding group on the west side. 

As I completed my circuit and was back near the northeast corner of the pond, I found the Tropical Kingbird.  The birding group was heading my way in a clockwise direction, so I was able to direct them to where the bird was perched.  Some of them viewed it thorough a scope, some photographed it.
They went across the street toward the ball fields to look for the Cackling Goose, which I think they saw.  I headed home for a very late breakfast.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek