Red-naped sapsucker hybrid during Grayson Creek bird survey

Alan Bade

On Sunday's Grayson Creek bird survey, we go to a small open area along Grayson Creek at the Viking Road bridge in Pleasant Hill. We didn't have time to fully review photos until later in the week. It turns out that the sapsucker we thought was a red-breasted wasn't what it seemed in the treetops. We think it is a male red-naped x red-breasted hybrid, please take a look (if interested) and let us know what you think! Note the red feathers crossing through the supercilium, the auricular dark line through the eye, and malar or cheek white line. And no white patch of feathers under the bill, indicating that it is a male, I believe. We were pretty excited about seeing this! Hopefully we are on the right track. (The good photos and the ID credit are by Susana de Trapaga.) Location; 37.965972, -122.066678

Here's the ebird checklist with photos;

Our photos also yielded an American Pipit and a Lincoln's sparrow to be added to our Oak Park list;

Photos added to other Chilpancingo checklist;

Good birding,
Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill