FOE Red-breasted Nuthatch at the feeder

Elizabeth Leite

This morning we had a First of Ever Red-breasted Nuthatch visit one of our feeders. I've been hearing them in the neighborhood for a couple of weeks and saw one a few days ago on an oak after Dal heard several of them in part of a mobbing event nearby. This morning Dal saw one at a feeder perhaps eight feet away from him where we daily see White-breasted. The feeder is located adjacent to a thirty foot Redwood. It is filled with a quality already shelled mix which includes peanuts, sf seeds, millet, and safflower. The feeder is a "Squirrel-proof" type with sturdy wire mesh which allows the Nuthatches to cling upside down and grab seed from the openings. I hope the bird visits again on my Feederwatch days or on 12/14, our Central CBC day (we're in the Circle).

Good Birding,
Elizabeth Leite (SW WC corner/Lafayette border)