B&W Warbler and Bar-Tailed Godwit both present 11/16

Alan Krakauer

First stop was for the Black and White Warbler reported near Alta Bates. I parked at Regent St x. Webster Street. and walked around the south end of the hospital. No luck. Walked back to my car, and the bird was working the low shrubs right next to the sidewalk 15 feet from my car at Regent St. x Webster Street, on the hospital side. 11:30AM

Bar-tailed Godwit was already staked out when I got to Emeryville. West of the Fire Station on the south side away from the marina, and just west of the large square yellow "Commercial Truck Turn-around" sign. Almost too close for me to use my scope. 12:15 PM

Finally got my .io account working again, so I want to thank Hugh Harvey for occasionally posting my sightings over the past few months.