Ethan Monk

Hi all,

Got out to a few spots today. Don't have much to report that hasn't already been said, just a few quick things.

Birded Jewel Lake today in Tilden from about 750-9. I was hoping for a good showing of flyover finches as the fog broke, but I was clearly in the wrong place. The ridges on either side of me seemed to have a few flyover finches? Anyway, the best thing that came of this was a heard only flock of Crossbills that at around 830am seemed to fly North to South down the valley. It sounded like there were about 5-7 of them, but they were fairly distant. Crossbills are putting in a good showing this year and I'm sure enough searching in Tilden/Redwood Regional should find us a few flocks actually down and foraging, maybe flocks that will be chaseable? Who knows

I spent too much time at Alta Bates medical this morning for my liking. The Black-and-White Warbler was a no show for 40 minutes of 4 of us walking Webster, Regent, Ashby and a few neighboring streets. Finally someone (Bill Clark I believe?) checked Colby Street and there it was, just South of the emergency ambulance loading zone. So just take note that the warbler moves around now a little more than it did previously.

Skipping ahead, checked the Point Richmond Neighborhoods today. Mainly Western Dr., Santa Fe Ave., and Lobos Avenue. Coverage was minimal. There was a White-throated Sparrow on the start of the Santa Fe Avenue Trail, and a flyover gull that to me seems a Glaucous x Glaucous-winged Gull. Glaucous is possible I guess but the bill seemed a little too messy. These neighborhoods seem really good for wintering neotrops and such and I think are worth checking throughout the winter. Checklist attached: