Stiver's Lagoon Nature Area (11/08) - Eastern Phoebe

Jerry Ting

I refound the Eastern Phoebe (reported by Pat Gordon, Kathy Robertson and Lynn Feindel yesterday 11/07/2019) around 11:45 am this (11/08/2019) morning perched on top of a dead tree branch in willow patch on the paved service road between the gravel trail to the railroad track and the electric tower (37.543750, -121.956250). This location is on the east end of the Muskrat Trail in Stiver's Lagoon. The footbridge/gazebo area is under construction and fenced so you will need to park in front of Aqua Adventure Water Park and access the park from Paseo Padre Pkwy.

Here is the eBird report with an ID photo of the Eastern Phoebe:

Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting