Bar-Tailed Godwit Continues 11/2/19

Max Laubstein

Our best friend juvy BTGO seems to be spending another day on the wrong side of the Pacific. I arrived at the Emeryville Marina today at about 1:30. On the south side of the peninsulla, across Powell from Trader Vic's and the Yacht Harbor there was a "flock" of birders honed in on a feathery friend. The Bar-tailed godwit stood out, standing on some rocks amidst marbled goddys and willets, distinctly smaller than its marbled counterparts. The bird was pretty active, shaking around, preening, dancing, having fun. Preening exposed black-and-white barred tail and black primaries fringed with white. The bird's white undersides, little black streaks in the rear flanks, and strongly patterned gray and white speckled back.

A large raft of buffleheads offshore was also a great sighting.

Here's my ebird checklist:

Happy birding!