Bar-tailed Godwit in Emeryville

Aaron Maizlish


The young Bar-tailed Godwit found yesterday afternoon by Sharon Jue is back at the high-tide roost today.

A few words about the location: this shorebird high-tide roost is a special location for those of us who bird here regularly. In the fall and winter months, upwards of 1000 birds congregate on the riprap at the south end side of Powell Street across from the Emeryville Marina. It is a good location, because the birds are right up against a fairly busy public sidewalk, and often will allow viewing as close as 10 to 15 feet. This is across the street from 3300 Powell St. for reference. At the moment there are great numbers of Willits, Marbled Godwits, dowitchers, Whimbrels, Western Sandpipers and smaller numbers of Surfbirds, Turnstones, and Plovers.

Normally the birds don’t spook if you stand on the sidewalk and are even OK if you walk slowly and calmly up onto a rock to look down on the flock. When they do scatter it isn’t very far. I would ask that if there are a lot of birders today, to stay on the sidewalk and not chase the flocks up and down the shoreline. As the tides go out, birds are more likely to cross the bay to the mudflats near the Bay Bridge entrance, where they are out of view. High tide is around 2:30 today and it should be good for a few hours thereafter.

Also present, a locally rare Redhead is back about 100 yards offshore.

Good luck,

Aaron Maizlish
San Francisco (by night), Emeryville (by day).