Owling (&Poorwilling) @ Redwood Regional Park 10/18

Max Laubstein

Hey all, this is my first post (kinda nervous) on EBB

On 10/18 I spent 3 hours hiking East Ridge trail at Redwood Regional Park just past sunset.

The Skyline Gate Area yielded 3 pairs of duetting Great Horned Owls calling all around.

Further down the trail I heard 2 Barn Owls shrieking (very scary)

Throughout the hike I kept finding trash on the trail which shined with my headlamp, reminding me of poorwill eye shine. Then, at one point, I saw glare that looked distinctly circular. As I got closer, it was evident this was an actual Common Poorwill ( not a La Croix can). The poorwill hung out on the side of the trail, allowing me to get pretty close ~4 feet. Very cute. Wow. Apparently this was a migrant- super cool.

Happy Birding friends!

Max Laubstein