Black Skimmer in inland Northern Contra Costa co.


Today, 14th August. 2019 in the evening I found juvenile Black Skimmer at Waterbird Regional Preserve in CoCo County (in Pacheco east of Martinez) As you might known, this is a rare bird for county and very rare
for inland part, and as a matter of fact this is only the second county inland record and now farthest one.

Found on largest (grassy) islet of Waterbird Marshes, seen from Preserve parking lot.

Last time the bird was seen at 19:57 in the evening, still roosting on the islet, there is a good chance that he/she will stay at least until tomorrow morning.

To get to Waterbird Regional Preserve (in eBird nomenclature Waterbird Regional Preserve (including McNabney Marsh)) take fwy 680 North, and take last exit before toll bridge, take right into Waterfront rd,, and then another right into Waterbird Way, entrance to reserve parking lot is on the right side of the road.

On another note, there is currently Mute Swan family still present on marshes (breed there), you may encounter parents and their seven full grown (but still mostly brown) cygnets, male however is rarely seen together with the rest of family, usual can be seen rather alone. Near this place, at Mococo Rd, Pond, there is another family of Mute Swans, family of 10, two adults and eight full grown cygnets (still brown though).

eBird checklist with skimmer photos

Albert W. Linkowski