Wrentit at Berkeley's Aquatic Park.

John H. Maurer

I saw a Wrentit in Aquatic Park at about 1:20 this afternoon. It was on the east side of the big pond, about halfway between the south parking lot and the fenced in play structure(s). Other than that, the usual suspects, except for a Turkey Vulture. This was somewhat unusual, since it was the third sighting in that general area in the last four days. Monday one. Tuesday two. None Wednesday, but one today. They were all over the frontage road and bay shore path between University and Emery Point. The one today was soaring west across the freeway, and the frontage road is just the other side of the freeway.

No smart phone, so I couldn't post it until I got home to my computer. And no smart phone, so I can't give you the coordinates.