Bald Eagle 680 near Stoneridge My first Bay Area sighting


After 64 years,/10 months and 4 days I finally get to see a Bald Eagle in the Bay Area. I have seen them elsewhere from Lassen to Coco Beach, FL where they are as ubiquitous as the local night herons in Oakland hanging at KFC.. Had just gotten onto 680 from the Stoneridge on ramp (just after 6:25pm) and by the grove of Eucalyptus trees there were up to a dozen turkey vultures flying around and over the freeway which is pretty unusual, so I looked around and on my left over the canal I spotted a small bird harassing a larger one, thinking it might have been another vulture except it was moving around a lot, then I noticed the lighter head and then the white tail. YaYYYYY!! I wish I could have pulled over, was very tempted, but drove on. The smaller bird was really letting the Bald Eagle have it. My gf works in the area and thinks that she has seen it around as well. Finally!!!!

Marcus Pun
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