4/22/19: Mitchell Canyon

Patricia Mahoney

4/22/19, Mitchell Canyon: 9:30 AM, a White-throated Sparrow was low in some shrubs south of Mitchell Canyon Trail (fire road), just past the first trail intersection after the gate. White-striped morph, scope view.

Up on Black Point Trail near the trail marker with the no-bikes symbol, 6 Vaux’s Swifts chattered as they flew north. An Allen’s Hummingbird chased an Ash-throated Flycatcher across the hilltop before returning to perch in an oak for excellent scope views! Blue-gray Gnatcatchers sang and moved about in the chamise. I got buzzed by a few hummingbirds who shall remain unidentified.

2 silent Swainson’s Thrushes were observed: one in the creek bed north of Mitchell Canyon Trail and another farther back on the trail, moving around in the oaks.

Today’s singing warblers: Yellow-rumped (including at least one Myrtle), Wilson’s and Orange-crowned.

Pat Mahoney