STINT in Richmond, CA

Logan Kahle

Hi all,
This evening, at the end of doing a run through Contra Costa county (I will post full details once the adrenalin runs out), I found an adult, breeding plumaged STINT species at the Richmond Sewer Ponds. I found the bird at around 7:45PM and stayed on it until around 8:00PM, but lost it around then. I searched the same flock for the next 30 minutes but was unsuccessful in refinding the bird.
The bird was in with about 115 Western Sandpipers and 25 Least Sandpipers.
I have yet to draw a conclusive ID, but from what I have heard from experts, I'm leaning towards Red-necked. I will pass around the photos to experts to see if it is identifiable from those pictures.
I will be there tomorrow morning at a little after 6:00AM for those who are interested in looking for the bird. Richmond Sewer ponds are accessible by parking on Pittsburg avenue immediately west of the Richmond Parkway then walking north along the western sidewalk of the richmond parkway and looking west into the ponds. The bird was in the second-to-southmost pond in the string of four ponds.
Photos of the bird can be seen here:
Hope to see you in the morning...
Good birding,
Logan Kahle
San Francisco