Shorebirds and Black Skimmers at Hayward Shoreline


Using a scope, I viewed 7-8 Black Skimmers roosting and evidently nesting on islets near the Hayward Shoreline Interpretative Center.  Least Terns were still attending nests on an adjoining islet.  I hadn’t realized the skimmers were nesting at Hayward this year.
On the bay near Johnson’s Landing there were 2 early Dunlin, one of which retained it’s black belly, and 2 Ruddy Turnstones.
This portion of Hayward Shoreline is reached from the Hwy 92 Clawiter Exit.  Park at the Interpretative Center and walk west 1.2 miles towards Johnson’s Landing, then look east into the Hayward Marsh.  The usual Forster’s Terns nesting islets were landbridged, but many Forster’s were carrying food to islets deeper into the marsh.
Emilie Strauss
Berkeley, CA