do not click on link - this is presumably spam Re: Richard Broadwell

David Couch

RE: Feb 19 4:19 AM email from Richard Broadwell <broadwell.richard@...>

Do not click on the link in that email.

I suppose somebody is spoofing this member's email and sent the recent email "from" him that contains only a link (which may be dangerous to click on).

Normally I would not bother the group with this warning, as I assume we can all identify as spam an emali that is off topic or contains typical spam language.
But this email lacked the usual suspicous words so I think perhaps some of us might be fooled..

(If it wasn't spam, I assume Richard will write to us and tell us more.)

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I received a presumed posting from one Richard Broadwell. Upon opening I
was sent to a series of ads. Mr. Broadwell's current e-mail has been hijacked
and should definitely be considered spam.
Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek