Mines Road MP 5.75 Wednesday


Rosita and I went to MP 5.75 today to wait for the Amgen Tour of California bike race. We arrived around 10 AM and heard a Swainson's Thrush singing uphill right away. Also seen before the race passed about 1:10 PM, were Red-tailed Hawk, Bullock's Oriole, California Quail, Phainopepla, Wrentit and California Thrasher. I had hoped to find a Lazuli Bunting, but it didn't happen.

As for the bike race, it is similar to the old dating days in college or shortly after, 3-4 hours of waiting for 10 minutes of extreme pleasure. I know we saw all the big names, Lance, Levi, Mark Cavendish, etc. But which is which in the big rush as the peleton moves past at a rapid pace even uphill? At least it didn't start raining until we were in the car and headed downhill.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek