Hayward Shoreline today

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

Hi everybody. This morning I birded Hayward Shoreline, starting off from the Interp Center and going to the ponds near Cogswell Marsh, which were alive with birds. Most numerous were Forster's Terns, but, even with lots of searching, I couldn't find any Common. At least 2 Black Skimmers with the terns on one of the islands, and a few Black and Least Terns were also present, but difficult to pick out between the vast numbers of Forster's and equal numbers of Cliff Swallows. 3 fly-over Caspian Terns, but none at the ponds. Ducks included Gadwall, Ruddy, Mallard, and at least one of the scaup. Very few shorebirds, but I did get good looks at fly-by Dunlins. Large numbers of distant, breeding-plumaged Red-necked Phalaropes were on the far end of the pond.

At one point, most of the Forster's took off at once, rousting up the Skimmers, which sailed around and showed off their all-black uppersides and bright bills. On the way out, I met Judith Dunham, who went on to get better looks at the sam 
e birds in worse weather.-- Noah Arthur, Oakland