Oak Titmouse Nest in a Dogpark

Rod Thornton <sfbayrodt@...>

Editing error, sorry. That was an "Oak Titmouse" nest sighting at Hap Magee Park. In my previous msg I contradicted myself.

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sfbayrodt <sfbayrodt@...>

On Sunday, we took our dogs out to Hap Magee Ranch Park (between
Danville & Alamo). I was happily surprised to discover that Oak Titmouse
were nesting inside the dog park (for large dogs). There's an tree (Oak,
how appropriate), right in front of the gate (inside the dogpark) as you

There's a large gash on the tree. On the upper end of the gash is a hole
that's difficult to spot. While I watched daddy towhee flying down to it
repeatedly (apparently feeding the babies), I figured there was a nest
there. But couldn't see the tiny hole - until the mother stuck her head
out for a moment.

Even though the tree gash is in a can't miss spot, the nest itself is
very well hidden. Curiously, the towhees didn't seem concerned that
they were in such a busy spot--perhaps because the dogs & people all
seemed oblivious. The hole was only (approx.) 5 feet off the ground.
However as strong as many dogs are, I don't think any could easily get
to the nest, due to the tree's large size & structure.

Rod Thornton