Wandering Tattler San Leandro Shoreline


At the San Leandro Shoreline around 1:00 this afternoon (access from Marina Park), on a low but rising tide, many great shorebirds were around, from marbled godwits to dunlin to long-billed curlews, as well as Caspian terns and Forster's terns.  On the northeast side of the rocky island with the causeway that submerges at high tide, I found a spotted sandpiper, a black-bellied plover, four ruddy turnstones, and a black turnstone, but no surfbirds. Surfbirds were my target for the day, but I was satisfied (to say the least) when a wandering tattler wandered into view.  A second wandering tattler, a juvenile, startled up from the rocks and flew to the inner channel by the park. I got a decent photo of the adult before it wandered to the west side of the island and out of view.
Stephanie Floyd

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