Solitary sandpiper Lake Elizabeth - yes


Having missed three times at the construction puddle, after this afternoon's tip (thanks, Amy!) I found the solitary sandpiper at a marshy pond at the golf course around 4:15 PM.  This pond is not fully visible from off the course, but you can see it pretty well if you stand on the R/R tracks, and the bird wandered into view.  A spotted sandpiper flew in and bobbed along beside it.  The solitary sandpiper also bobs from time to time. 
The pond is on the golf course across the chain link fence from New Marsh.  To avoid the heavy construction traffic on Paseo Padre, take Stevenson to Gallaudet and park by the tennis courts.  Walk south to the lake with the golf course on your left (less than a 10-minute walk).  After you pass New Marsh, you can access the R/R tracks.  Go northwest on the tracks about 150'.  On the east you'll see a grassy mound with two redwood benches.  Beyond that is a small marshy pond with a green and white "environmental area" sign.  The sandpipers were on the sand bar in that pond.  I could see them with my binoculars, but the scope was much better. I got a good photo of the location, but heat haze, distance, wind and [insert other excuses here] prohibited good photos of the bird.  I'm sharing anyway.
Stephanie Floyd

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