Solitary Sandpiper continues in Fremont today

David Quady and Nancy Boas


Partly in response to Amy McDonald's message from an hour ago . ..

The Solitary Sandpiper was present in its small muddy, puddled area at Lake Elizabeth between 10:45 and 11:15 am today. I followed Amy's directions, below, and found the bird within minutes of my arrival. I'd enjoyed it for at least ten minutes before Jeff Diamond (spelling?), BART's binocular-bearing biologist, came by and asked if I'd found anything good. I showed him the bird, and we discussed it, and other birds at other places, for another ten minutes. Jeff moved on, and I didn't immediately spot the bird . . took me a couple of minutes, but it was still there when I left.

These directions worked for me:

At Lake Elizabeth, park in the parking lot for the water slide at the south end of the lake. Walk the path heading east around the lake, past the heron rookery on your left. At the area of the floating, orange dividers in the lake, you'll see a fence on your right with tarp on it. Behind the fence is the small flooded area where the Solitary Sandpiper was. This is a construction zone where the trees and habitat are being cleared for the BART extension.
Jeff said that the "orange dividers" are the top of a siltation curtain that will remain in place while BART builds a coffer dam and a temporary pedestrian walkway before it temporarily dewaters that arm of Lake Elizabeth. As I understand it, the new BART line will run beneath Fremont Central Park. Lake Elizabeth and the area the bird is utilizing will have been restored to their present condition by the time the extension is completed.

Dave Quady
Berkeley, California