Tilden RP plus Downy WP chicks


A man's gotta get his exercise, but he's not above stopping to check out the scenery. My usual Saturday morning run from Inspiration Point in Tilden up Nimitz Way was more interesting than usual. Hence you are all bored with these "Chronicles of a Jogging Birder":

Mile 1: Wrentit dangling upside down from tree in clear view
1.75 Pac Slope FC in eucalyptus forest; usually only see juncoes and doves in here
2-2.5 Lark Sparrow on a fence in a typical spring spot for them. Skulking in the brush caught 2 lingering Golden Crowned Sparrows.

On the way back:
2-2.5 (other side of the trail): 2 Western Bluebirds on a box. A lone Violet-Green Swallow insect chasing right by them
Detour to Wildcat Peak produced a family of 4 Wild Turkey; male with resplendent sky blue on head/neck, plus a lone startled California Quail on a shrub.
(Struck out on local targets California Thrasher and Lazuli Bunting)

M 1.5 9 Band Tailed Pigeons flying overhead

from the parking lot, a foray with actual binoculars yielded a brilliant orange Allen's Hummingbird (clear green on the back) and OC Warbler.

The best surprise was waiting at home. We had daily visits for a while by a male Downy WP (the first time was a yard first) to a tree in front of our house, then the visits were less numerous. Well after my run I noticed him flying back and forth towards one of the lower branches, then noticed a constant audible twittering above my head. I think we have babies! Now I think I can see a little cavity opening from across the street; although it looks a bit small for an adult to fit through, these are not large birds. Still waiting for mom to show her face, and we hope not to miss it when the little ones make their way outside.

Nothing like new children to spice up the neighborhood.

Good birding,

Jay Dodge
North Berkeley